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We treat our patients as family because we are family.


Taylor H.

This was my first visit to a chiropractor, and it also happened to be one of the best experiences I've had with ANY doctor. I felt immediately that my problem was being heard and addressed. There was care, humor, and patience in the service I received. This is what I've always looked for and missed in my healthcare.

I left feeling physically improved and mentally energized. Overall a great experience!

Javier V.

My search for a Chiropractor is over. I can't say enough about the great and attentive service here. The time they spent to evaluate my back problem was very reassuring. I've been to other chiropractors and explained my problem as they then proceeded with treatment without evaluating my back. Dr. Murphy spent the time needed to evaluate and diagnosis my issue before proceeding with treatment. She went thru each vertebrae to evaluate my spine. Ever time I leave after treatment, I couldn't ask for a better outcome. Their cutting edge laser treatment does wonders. Thank you so much Dr. Murphy.

Alexandra A.

I was having the worse back pains ever. I was taking pain pills twice a day, plus heating pads and couldn't do my daily chores from the pain. Then I went to Murphy Frazier and was treated. After one treatment, I woke up the next day without any pain at all. It was a miracle.


They are absolutely the best there is in San Diego.


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